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1 Hour: $800

1.5 Hours: $1,200 

2 Hours: $1,500

3 Hours: $2,200

4 Hours: $2,900

Rendezvous of six or eight hours require a nosh break.

6 Hours: $4,300

8 Hours: $5,700

All Rendezvous over eight hours require increased coordination.  Please email with a detailed description of time spent in our utopian extended rendezvous.  

Longer term rendezvous.

1 Month:  $50,000

1 Year:  $1,000,000

*I reserve the right to request a deposit on any engagement.  A 50% deposit is required on all reservations four hours or more.* 


I accept major credit cards via Square Mobile Card Reader.

For your safety and privacy, I offer several extremely discreet payment options. 


When requesting an outcall, please note:

+$150 for travel up to 30-minutes.

+$300 for travel more than 30-minutes up to 1.5 hours.

+$450 travel of 1.5 hours up to 3 hours.

3+ hours of travel, please email me. 

** All rendezvous 8:30 pm or later, require a $200 "Late" fee. **


Personal Video +$500

Permission must be obtained prior to our engagement.

The Parthenon Tour +$500

This tour requires a 2-hour minimum.

The documented World Tour +$2,000

When taking the tours just aren't enough and you want your own personal video as well.


Screening is a requirement to reserve an engagement.  Please allow 12-24 hours to complete screening.  Sadly, P411 / RSAVS / Private Delights / etc. verifications are not enough to ensure that someone is safe and/or the person attempting to make the reservation.


Same-day reservations are not available.  Please prepare 24-48 hours in advance


5-7 days: 25% of engagement

3-4 days: 50% of engagement

24-48 hours: 75% of engagement

Less than 24-hours: 100% of engagement

All of my considerations and policies listed on my website are non-negotiable in any way.  If you choose to not respect this and attempt to "negotiate" in any way, you will be politely declined and blocked from further contact.

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